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  • 1. I have been on antibiotics for my upper respiratory infection for at least 24 hours and am not feeling any better. What should I do?

    You should come to Clermont Urgent Care be re-evaluated to see what else may need to be done to help you get better.

  • 1. Do I have to pay anything if I have insurance?

    Possibly. It depends on your insurance plan. You should check with your insurance company to confirm your co-payment requirements for an urgent care visit. Review the degree of coverage for any services that may need to be rendered at the time of service. We will do our best to confirm your rates at during your initial visit; however, some insurances do not make all this information immediately available to us, which is why we advise that you check with your insurance provider as well.

  • 2. If I don’t have insurance, can I still be seen?

    Yes, you can still be seen. For patients without insurance, pricing for the visit is based on complexity of the service along with additional tests or equipment provided at time of visit.

  • 1. What do I need to bring with me for a visit?

    For your protection, please bring with a valid form of identification. If you have insurance, please also bring your current insurance card(s).

  • 2. Do you perform STD testing?

    Yes, we perform STD testing.

  • 3. What do I need to bring with me in order have a physical done?

    Please bring any paperwork your school, work, or department requires, with your portion of the paperwork filled out and ready to go.


Save time when you come for a visit. Download, print, and fill out any of the below forms and bring them with you when you come in to see us.